My Approach to care


My intention for my clients is to listen with care. To be attentive to what their head may want, and what their heart might be calling for. Depending on the situation, I would relationally engage in dialogue or to sit still and see what might unfold with an open mind.


I hold a safe and confidential space for you and be open and accepting with whatever brings you to counselling.


In this space we can engage with your challenges and difficulties, for expressing difficult feelings and anything you may need to let go off; or to accept.


In this space you can explore the unacknowledged parts of the self

and for emotional integration and healing.


This space is for you to empower yourself and to flourish with your potential, within yourself, your relationships and your innate creativity.


I listen empathically through the heart centre.

I use an integrative approach to thinking, from Psychodynamic and Developmental Psychology, to Jungian and Gestalt psychologies, and the Transpersonal Psychology of Psychosynthesis.


I am receptive to the language of the soul's journey, through the expressive arts of imagery, poetry, dreams or visual led meditation, depending on the client's needs.


I pay holistic attention to the body-mind-spirit connection.


This is my approach to care for my clients.




photo: Sloane Warren




I work with a counselling service for the NHS

as well as in private practice.


I have worked with clients from all walks of life

and ethnic diversity, with the spectrum of ages from teens,

adults, to elder citizens.


I have clinical experience with the following issues:  

Separation, grief, loss and bereavement.

Depression and anxiety.

Lack of confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness. 

Blocks to motivation and creativity. 

Sexual problems.

Gender and identity.

Victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Childhood neglect.

Anger and mood swings.


Mid-life and post-midlife crisis.

Bullying in the workplace and childhood bullying.

Loneliness and lack of joy in life.

Relationship difficulties.


If I feel that I cannot work with an issue,

I can refer on to other counsellors and psychotherapists who will

be qualified to deal with that issue.



I have a postgraduate counselling diploma in Integrative Psychosynthesis from Re-Vision, Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis. 


I hold a diploma in postgraduate certificate in the Therapeutic Arts from IATE (Integrative Arts Therapy in Education)


I am a member of the BACP and registered on their accredited voluntary register number 07945

Further training

I am a psychotherapist in training at UKCP approved

training centre at Re-Vision.

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Kei Iino Counselling BA (Hons) MBACP (Accred)